Maggie Maggie
Maggie Maggie

Book Author & Lifestyle Blogger

Based in Saigon, Vietnam, Maggie Maggie is the published book author and writer on love and lifestyle focus on urban women.

The first booked – “Phụ Nữ Đâu Chỉ Có Tình Yêu – Women has more than just love”, was published on Dec 2017.

The 2nd book on elegance lifestyle of urban women is under working and expected to be published late 2021.

She is actively blogging on her blog, video and podcast.

Maggie Maggie – The Office Lady

Writing is her passion but office life is where she is dedicating the most of her time and energy. She has more than 10 years working in Sales & Marketing in different luxury industries include luxury hospitality management, real estate developer, leading spirit companies. These experience have enriched her lifestyle and play a good part of her true life experience in sharing about lifestyle of urbanista.

She is now holding the position of Head of Customer Service at a Singaporean Residential Developer based in Ho Chi Minh City.

Speaker on Urban Women

Continue her passion on women in metropolitan cities, she is sharing on both writing and video platform to deliver her message even stronger. She is joining with Lady Networking to create a strong offline lady network among young women who wish to have a better life.

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