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Why woman pulls away after intimacy?

A good girl friend of mine did not let me sleep last night and woke me up early this morning asked for advice how to gently withdraw after intimacy (aka sex).

I told her just turn off her phone, check out the hotel (they lived in separate hotels), and never return his call. Then you two live happily ever after.

Of course, she did not want to do that.

Women! I just don’t understand why they simply ignore the fact that they don’t like the guy. When you don’t like a person, just cut that person out of your life. Simple. Fast. Easy. Like eating a banana. When you finish a banana, you throw off banana skin. Eat another banana.

Anyway, since she asked for a better response, I told her to quote the legend “It’s not you, it’s me”. That line works wonder for any gender when you want to get out of the relationship you don’t want.

  • It is me that could not fit to the Western culture. We are so different.
  • It is me that could not handle long distance relationship.
  • It is me that feel uncertain of my future if we pursue this relationship further

It is never you. It is me. Make the reasons out of his control. The origin of his identity he could not change. The distance he could not change. Your feeling he could not change. So he has to accept that he could not change the situation. He did his best. He is the best man in the world but tragedy came and those are out of his control. So he has to let you go. Let it go…

That is it. Simple. But if you, as a man, still wants to know the real answer. Here are some:

  • I don’t like your body odor! Stinky!
  • I don’t like your body hair! Too hairy! That is why Asian men is still sexier. Like a sexy dolphin (hihihi)
  • I don’t want you to hold me so tight at night. I am an independent sleeper.
  • I don’t like your weird movement. Too weird!
  • I don’t like you. Yes, you. Anything you did annoyed me! Period.

You get the idea. If a woman just talk straight to your face why she doesn’t want you. You will die in shame. She just does not want to take responsibility of it. So she lies.

Now let talk about why a woman decides to withdraw after intimacy.

Why a woman withdraws after intimacy?

Woman is different to man when it comes to intimacy. The decision for a woman to let her commit a vulnerably sexual action to a man means she trusts that man and has certain feeling. And of course, she wants to pursue that romance further. Let no mention one night stand or Tinder hook-up in the scope of this article.

That means, to a woman, sexual satisfaction plays a fair share to the overall satisfaction of the relationship with a new man, but it does not dictate whole attributes to her satisfaction.

Sex – to a woman, is a freebie comes together with the main package – emotion. If the emotion is satisfied, sex will enhance the whole feeling. If the emotion is unsatisfied, she will seek it from somewhere or someone else.

Majority of women will say it is emotion satisfaction that makes her stay in the relationship. If she does not satisfy with what the guy offered emotionally, she will leave. It could be emotion connection, emotion support… Anything emotion will work. Remember that, guy, emotion.

Of all the reasons listed above why a woman does not want you, those mean nothing if she has emotion for you. You could be fat, you could be smelly, you could be hairy, you could be the ugliest man alive in the world but if she is satisfied emotionally with your presence, you are the sexiest man alive to her.

Now, you already get the answer, woman will withdraw after intimacy because she could not get the emotion she wanted after had sex with you. Or, she already got the emotion from somewhere else (hehehe).

Then guy will ask, what kind of emotion she was looking for during sex?

  • She wants to feel being in loved: A man in a sexual intercourse wants to feel wanted. Woman, in other hands, wants to feel loved. She wants to feel that man loves her through his action: passionate kiss, tight hug, strong squeeze… any action or movement that make she feel this man is crazy in love with her and loses control of his feeling over her.
  • She wants to feel emotion connection: it could be the look in the eyes, hand holding, or anything that create emotion connection.
  • She wants to feel the woman in her: A woman could be dominant at work or could be a CEO at her company but in sexual intercourse, she wants to feel that woman in her and a manly man in you.

Little I mentioned of skill or sexual tool because it actually plays a minor part in the emotion satisfaction. A man could have big gun, great technique but bring no emotion to the woman and she will shoot him out in a blink.

Hope this helps.


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