Top Picks of Boutique Fashion Designer Brands in Vietnam

Ao Dai – the item lasts for decades and still be a main part of any Vietnamese women wardrobe.

Vietnam is famous for its affordable cost in tailor-made clothing. So when you are in Vietnam, learn to dress smart with your budget.

The list below include start-up brands that offered good sense of fashion and quality products at affordable price. Here you could find Ao Dai, Cheongsam, office wear and cocktail dress.

Here are some of key tips I always keep in mind when shopping:

  1. Dress to your target: I love to dress with a purpose because I always believe right clothing is a woman’s weapon. Dressing right to your target so you can achieve something out of it. If you want to seduce a particular person, understand their taste and dress up just only for them. You can wear very basis the other days, but when you know he will be at your presence, dress for their view. Trust me, clothing works wonder in the art of seduction, if you do it right.
  2. Stay away from fast fashion brands: at least when you are in the country ranks among the top-five garment exporters globally, it means something. I will not go to the pricing point between a jean you get from Zara store versus a jean you get from Taka Plaza on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street. It is about the quality of a piece versus its price point. Almost all of items I bought from Zara or H&M could be thrown away after 3 months because of its down-trend and worn out shortly after few washes. Not to mention how damage it could be to the environment.
  3. Go for classic style and quality clothing: I have stopped shopping at Zara, H&M, or any similar brands and replace by Vietnam boutique brands which I will list down shortly. If you are 30s above, instead of buying dozens of 500,000 VND dress, let just take 2 dresses cost 1,5mil VND/each. It last for years and if you are smart with your fashion sense, you can re-visit your wardrobe after 2 seasons and still happy with those pieces.
  4. Pick 3 words for your style and stick to it: you can be elegant- modern chic and on-trend, or classic, novelty and romantic. Don’t stick to 1 style all your life. You can try different styles but end of the day, you should be able to finalize the key-words that enhance your beauty and body the most. I would recommend you to pick an fashion icon or novel/film character. Start from there. Then slowly later you can adjust your own style to make it uniquely yours.
  5. Pick few brands that works well with your style: Each brands will have their unique. By choosing certain brands, you won’t go out of your way in dressing.

Okay so here is some of the boutique brands in Vietnam in my favourite. These brands have their own designers, very good quality, affordable price (versus Zara, H&M or anything similar). Hope it helps.

Magonn Design:

If you are into classic with a sense of novelty, this brand is your go-to. Actually most of my outfit came from this boutique. They have 7-8 stores in both HCMC and Hanoi.

Price ranges from 700k for shirt, 1.5 mil for dress. They very often have sales offering discount 30-50-70%.

Must check out their Ao-Dai Collection!

Items I bought here 3 years ago still look like new and since it is classic piece, I can always wear it again and again. And again. You can find very nice ao dai here at 2-3mil VND.

La Pham

Specifically for Ao Dai. Classic but not as traditional as Magonn. The owner has 20 years in Europe so her style is open. They offer you the best in materials by combining Vietnamese traditional materials. Their silk piece is wonderful!

Cashew Fashion

Their style is a bit of French chic: elegantly sexy, wild in a fashion way, linen – silk materials. If you need some office wear item to refresh your daily work-wear, they have some interesting color palette you can try.


If you are into linen, this is the place. Very good quality linen. The style is a bit of freedom, wild rather than sexy.

I never adore their choice of model in their shoot though. But they have unique style in mixing silk, linen with a fresh eyes on traditional costume.

This brand is my go to place whenever summer is here. Best linen!


Its name said it all! Here they make everything a whole lot fancier! Ao Dai, Cheongsam, Bikini, Dress… You name it, they make it. Of course, whole lot fancier. Make sure you set the right expectation, for yourself – and for them.

This is a start-up brand so they will try their best to accommodate your request. You can send them design you like and they make it for you. Their style could be very wild in a sexy way. Some fancy bikini you can find here too.

Price can range from 2mil-5mil/dress depends on its amount of clothing. You know, fancy…

Perrin & Co

Perrin style is sexy in a modern way – still chic & trendy. They will have modern touch on classic pattern and color. Very good quality. They don’t launch new design very often though.

Price can range from 800k-2.500k VND

This brand is same owner with a man suit bespoke tailoring Cooper & CO Bespoke

You can always find more interesting boutique designer brands in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. You will be surprised by it!

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