Anh knows the secret of happy life

Anh is now working for a Chinese culture company. Her current position has nothing to do with her experience. Still, Anh got a very good pay. After one week joining the company, Anh still has not figured out why they paid her that much, but with her positive personality, Anh just considered that she is lucky. Two weeks after, the company gave Anh a beautiful staff. Anh now somehow understands that the company pays her based on the length of her leg. Anh is still happy, though.

Being a movable flower pot, it is not easy, Anh thinks. She must learn how to be submissive, and follow instruction, which is totally opposite what Anh had experienced with other Western culture companies she used to work before. The HR colleague asked Anh to arrange the office plants: like going to the farm in District 2, Nguyen Hoang street to pick the most beautiful plants for office. With a thinking of Chinese is superstitious, Anh thought this is an important job to maintain a green look for the office, it likes a great sign of prosperous. So Anh went to the farm and picked the most beautiful plants for the office. The HR lady is happy. That HR lady is as Anh’s age. She has an MBA degree. Her previous company is a local company which always favor high degree employee. Anh does not have MBA. That is why that HR lady is smarter than Anh.

Anh’s staff is very beautiful. She has a pale skin with gorgeous long hair and very fit body. Anh very likes her. As there are not many tasks to do, Anh asked her staff to prepare a list of luxury restaurants and hotels for the VIP guests. Her staff knows a lot in this entertainment business. She told Anh about the very good restaurant in MGallery and Park Hyatt or told Anh how to organize an opening event. Anh is feeling great to have such a good staff. There was a staff working with Anh before, she never took Anh’s opinion. Anh was sad working with that staff. Now Anh is happy.

Anh had 3 years worked in the hotel industry, and 4 years studied hotel management. She knows a bit of hotel. Recently Anh talked to a girl also working in the same industry, showing that Anh knows nothing about what all those hotel prices included actually helped. That girl took lead and handle everything smoothly.

Learning to step back and acting as you not knowing a thing is tough, Anh thought. Especially when you have such a big ego. But when you get used to it, and sit back, relax and enjoy people do what they think they doing the best, what a good feeling!

Anh needs to work now. Boss has ordered Anh to organize a VIP dinner in the best Chinese restaurant. Anh thinks what she is best at is eating. So she just focuses on what she does best. Payment? Let the boss handle.

Anh really believes she has the best career path: first 3 years working in luxury hotels to sleep for free at most of the top resorts here and there; next 4 years working in the top alcohol company to drink free at the top bars/clubs; and then next few years coming to enjoy the top restaurants in the country. What does stress mean, can someone tell Anh?

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