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Age is just a number and why you should date a 40 years old man?

Age is just a number, indeed. We can’t be in our twenties and know what going to happen in our thirties, fourties. Even though there are millions of people who are in their 30s or 40s in the world, non of them can tell you exactly how your 30 or 40 gonna look like. You have to take the journey yourself and discover it yourself. So, 30 or 40, is just a number, no more than that. It is just a traffic board telling you how far you have gone. You even don’t know how long you can go. So why serious about aging?

How I like to look at my life staging is like swimming. When you swim, you hardly notice how deep is the pool or the sea, you just keep swimming and keep yourself floating. Those who worried about the depth, are normaly who cannot swim. So does life. If we keep our life fulfilled, we forget those age statement. Who even care if you are 40 but still look good AF?

At my thirties, I am around with single, beautiful and successful thirty years old women. And as natural, here comes the 40 years old guys step into the dating picture. Some of them are not at their best mood due to “mid-life crisis”, but believe me, most of them have their own charm winning hearts lots of beautiful young women. Here are some reasons I could think of.

  1. He is a good conversationalist: If you have talked to a 20s, 30s and 40s, you will see the difference. Guys in their 20s talk about what people told them to or what the media told them. Guys in their 30s have more topics about what they have created or achieved, that sound interesting enough, but it would be all about him. These 30s yo guys would be very proud of himself and can’t stop babling about his long list of achievement. Guys in their 40s are different. They know what they good at based on their own experience. And they know that life is not all about achievement but experience. Instead of talking about himself, he will be more interested in knowing you, which is what most of women need, a man who know how to listen and care.
  2. He is inspiring: A man 40 years old doesn’t mean he knows everything but he has been through the most hectic and energetic stage where we dedicated our youth to do crazy things, chasing dreams, making mistakes, starting all over again, heart-breaking or heart-broken. He like a speed train who run very fast to reach the destination in his earlier years. As 40, he would know enough to broaden you eyes, inspire you to try things because he has been there, done that.
  3. He is independent and taking good care of himself: there is nothing wrong with a man single at his 40. The good chance is he is very independent, know how to take good care of himself, and take good care of you too. You can go on trips without worried him not knowing how to keep the house cleaned. We women don’t want to be a baby-sitter. We want a man who grown up and know how to handle his own life.
  4. He knows the rule: dating with a 40 years old is hassle free. If he likes you, he tell you. If he just want to sleep with you, he tell you. If he doesn’t like you, well, he will try to tell you. Of course, there are men who are good at playing mind games. For these men, even they are 80yo, they are still an ass-hole. Age means nothing to them. In that case, just “Shake it off”.

I have been dating with guys 20s nd 30s, believe me, when you go 40s, you never go back!

Best of luck, my ladies!

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