Saigon – is it a paradise?

Vietnam society has changed rapidly and crazily in the recent decade,  especially in the top cities like Saigon, Ha Noi, and recently Danang. 10 years in Saigon has transformed me from a simple country girl to a girl that has multi faces. One of that is mean face, like Taylor Swift mean, so fake, commented by one of the girl who extremely hates me. (Because I am so mean to her). Anyway, we not here to talk about me, but about the city we are in, Saigon. Is it a tropical paradise as claimed?

I can’t tell you how much I know Saigon. I only know how many bars clubs it has, and most of them located in center Saigon so basically I just here talking about this little bubble. Aka “expat bubble zone”, include local, local expat and expat.

In this small community-let call it “D1 hub”, as a Viet, being cool means you speak Vietnamese like a Viet Kieu (Oversea Vietnames); has tanned skin; talk curse words like F* this F* that; have a long list of acquaintance so you can hug and say hello to everybody everywhere you going to; and give yourself the right to being mean to people on social network as you are living your true-self.

Girls going to bars dancing on her own freely yet secretly looking to the cute white guys, give him the middle finger if he approached you offering a drink and update on Facebook “Guys this day doesn’t know how to ask a girl out anymore” with a very deep thinking posture. Best to take with a glass of whisky. Straight. Talisker.

Guys going to bars drinking and taking girls home and make sure he was mean enough the next day to ensure the girls know that it is time to leave. He needs to show the world that he is such cool guy but still vulnerable afraid of love. Girls love that shit, you know.

In this crazy world, people are starving for human interaction but it is hard to find. This is the world where truth and kindness has the least value.

I have been in thousands conversation where women want to dig deep in the guys’ pocket under the form of unconditional love as they believe the dollars can help them escape from reality; where guys show their affectionate love and break up when they going back to their home country with some beautiful words to prevent the girls quitting her life and follow him.

The girls moved on quickly with some other back up guys.

The guys few months later come back for holiday and free sex. Getting a few night stand in this city is never difficult.

Of course, there are happy couples. Women stay happy in the relationship talking proudly of the vacation she taken while the guys are out there with hundred of sexy women willing jumping on him. 100% guys I know had a fling or affair on their marriage/relationship. Probably, having affair in this city is never difficult as well.

Saigon, once the pearl of the far east, now the landing ground of the affordability and accessibility :access to infidelity, access to temporary or instant love, access to such things were never encouraged.

If chaos is what you are looking for, Saigon is your paradise. If you are looking for a tranqil place? Stay behind your mobile screen. 


There are too many excuses for the lifestyle we take. Hardly we found time to be true to ourselves. It said it is pathetic lying to ourselves but who even cares…

I hate that phrase: “Who cares?”

I do care…




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