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What will guarantee you the 2nd date? From the insight of an always failed matchmaker.

I love matchmaking. I have been doing that for years. Even none of my prospect were become couple, and some of them later become my boyfriends after too many time sharing the issue, it will never stop me from bringing love to the earth. What I should stop is dating my prospect. It is not professional at all. Even my business has not been started officially yet, it is still not professional to date your client.

Back to business, what I always found difficult to understand is even the 2 individuals seems very match (from my point of view), and both of them wanted to try, it did not work out. Whenever I asked how was the first date, they both agreed it was nice. But nice is not enough to make the 2nd date.

So what is it that create the attraction between 2 individuals? What will guarantee you the 2nd date?  This is my list.

1. Show that you are interested.

What I always believe is nobody boring. It is us not interested in the other enough to get to know them. If you already go for the 1st date, for god sake, show your interest so you don’t waste your time for another millions of first dates. Ask questions, show interest, keep the conversation flow. If that guy is so boring and don’t know what to talk, ask him “what if we both keep silent, you think who is going to talk first?”

2. Work your topics at home and be creative.

Practice your most interesting stories. If you are an office admin and your daily routine is boring. Talk about your hobbies. If you don’t have a hobby, talk about your own future plan (career, travel). If you don’t have a future plan, talk about sex. (Who doesn’t like sex?) It doesn’t necessary about your sex, but you can talk about animal sex. I once used the story of how octopus having sex and I won all the times for a 2nd date. Now I am sure you are going to google how octopus has sex. That is very interesting.

3. Say yes!

We all want somebody who share our stories and agree with us. It is interesting to have an opposite point of view, but come on, it is only the first date and you two already start arguing. Yes you are smart. Yes he knows nothing about how to pour a beer into glass but he still showing you how to do. Just let him do. You are a very independent woman. You knows everything. You can say no to all of his stories. If so, you better don’t date. Same to man. We are dating not to find a smart partner. We are dating to find a compatible partners.

Of course, you need to work on the appearance, fragrance… but to me, the most important point of the first date is if they found you are a interesting person. There are tons of fishes in the sea (some of fishes are dying in the central beaches) but still, if you want to catch the right fish, you better have a right bait.

My group dating event is coming. Stay tune!



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