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What is the number 1 personality in a man that attract an awesome woman?

Men, if they are over 30 and still stingle, to me, are all serial daters . It is nothing bad being one. It is helpful in a way indeed. They will know all the tricks to make women happy so women dont waste time to train you all over again. Whenever I dated a serial daters, I always feel thankful and at the same time feel sorry for their very first lovers.

Howevers, as smooth as they were in dating, there are some who make women want to be with them seriously while others just become a short time fling. So what is it in the man that attract a 30 years old women and make her want to be with that man?

It is never easy to have a right partner, for both men & women. It is a jungle out there. Only the king get his queen. If we take out all of the accessories: job, house, position, money, you are all the same and equal to other men. It is the core value you carry make you different and attract the right women.

Mature is one of the biggest contribution. We don’t want wasting our time babysitting. It is experience that makes a mature men always more attractive. But that doesn’t mean you just sitting there waiting for the women to come. You must be our inspiration.

Everyday in the relationship would become a routine, you wake up, make love, kiss goodbye, go to work, fight with the world, come back home and hope a peaceful night with your loved ones. It could be boring. If she is a independent woman, she will not accept to be with you. Why she should be with someone who adding no value to her life? I believe only a man who become her inspiration will keep her interested.

In Vietnam, we had a saying like “A women happiness lies on her husband”. It is accurate in a way. Looking at my childhood friends, those whose their husband staying at the hometown and faming, even how beautiful she was in the school, she is sparkless because her daily life is all about how to make her husband and her family happy. Versus a girl who with a inspirational man, who always encouraged her to go out of her comfort zone, inspire her to go for her own dream, those girls are shining on their path now.

It doesn’t matter if the relationship does or doesn’t work out, being with an inspiring man was always a good investment. Women in their 30 already known what they want in life. And a man who can inspire to keep her life interesting, that is the man we always want to be with.

At the end, we do not want to commit with somebody for whole life just because some short time attraction, a journey that both can learn and grow is the relationship we want to get in.

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