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Cheating, what is your acceptable limit?

I was cheated once (that I discovered) and be with a few guys who cheated on their girlfriend/wife. Why people cheated? I don’t think we could ever found the answer. Cheaters always have good excuses to lean on. It likes they have an independent cheating function in their body that claimed as their 2nd character. Therefore, rarely they found themselves guilty. After found cheated, they would continue to cheat. Don’t believe so? Ask yourself how many cheaters you know cheated only one time?

But it is not about why people cheat on today’s post. As reason means nothing if the action already happened. And funny enough, I believe everybody in relation would cheat, emotionally or physically or both. The question is, what do you find acceptable?

Which action considered cheating? Some said when sexual involved, the other said daily flirty text exchanged… The list could go on and on and on. But the bottom line is, everybody has different definition of cheat, so do you, and your partner does. What you think is unacceptable does not mean the same to him, and vice versa.

I once went out on a one-on-one dinner with a guy friend when I had a boyfriend even knowing that guy had feeling for me. When my ex found out, he got angry while I saw there was no reason to be mad about. We argued of course. To him, when you had a partner, you were not supposed to go out in a one-on-one dinner with another gender without notice your partner. Fair enough, as long as he communicated that.

Another situation happened, I was seeing about him texted back and forth with his ex. What the heck that girl had to do in his life right now? What did she want? A boyfriend or what? I kept that idea in mind long enough I could not take it anymore and started nagging about that. My ex did not understand why I got mad about it and he would never do!

You got my points now right? There is no standard ruler in the relationship world to measure if it is cheating or not. It is yourself and your partner to decide it and to communicate it. However, the biggest issue in relationship was not about intimacy nor love, it was about not communicating, and acceptable limit was the one that we rarely talked about.

To me, until a clear communication made, there would be always misunderstanding between two partners. At the end, who confident understand the other that well while we hardly understand ourselves enough?

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